Saturday, January 3, 2009

By the way...

For anyone who reads this thing and doesn't already know, E and I are engaged. We're getting married October 3. For those keeping track, we've been dating for a little over 2.5 months... but within the first week I was telling all my friends that I was planning to marry him! I think he asked me for the first time about a week and a half after we started dating. It wasn't the classical down on one knee after a fancy dinner thing, it was more like "I LOVE you! let's get married" and I said "That sounds awesome!". He's asked me daily since then and I continue to say yes (obviously). I was going to keep it on the DL until I had my official ring, but then I forgot and started telling people. He's designing the ring himself, without my input. I don't get to see it pre-him putting it on my finger. That's trust.
Other details... we're getting married at First United Methodist (of course... that was the first thing we booked!) and having the reception at a winery called Times Ten Cellars. We're asking one of E's friends who's a very talented chef if he's available for catering. My sister Shannon has offered to do our flowers. The wedding is going to be beautiful, the reception is going to be a labor of love, and the marriage is going to be the best part of it all.

now notice how delicious this thing looks. mmmmmmyech. It does look delicious if I'm feeling self-destructive. I'll revisit this image next week after I'm stressed out from delivering babies at parkland the baby factory. Also, my posts should become way more interesting when I'm in L&D. and possibly horrifying.

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