Saturday, December 27, 2008

PT Cruisers

PT cruisers are one of the most retarded cars on the planet. literally. they took a modern car and decided to take away such features as normally-sized and placed tail lights and non-absurd looking body design and they came out with the turd of a car that is called a PT cruiser. I hate them. Below is a list of reasons why PT cruisers are the suck.

1. People who love PT cruisers love to trick them out.

Seriously, WHAT is the point? you took your stupid-looking car and put flames on it. to make it look more sporty. and YOU. well I'm glad your car matches your personality, but I don't like either one very much.

2. People who love PT cruisers love the color purple.

I'm not sure what it is about the color purple, but people who list purple as their favorite color are rarely quite normal. This is not generally true of any other color. People who like purple think that it's a part of their soul. They will often refuse to wear any other color, or alternatively will make sure to wear at least one purple item at all times. They will have purple upholstery inside their houses. And they like to drive purple cars, especially purple PT cruisers.

3. PT Cruisers have stupidly designed tail lights that are too low and too small making them very difficult to see at night.

4. People in PT cruisers generally drive like asses.

Besides the reasons I've listed, there are many others that aren't explainable with words. I loathe this car. yuck.

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