Friday, April 27, 2012

San Francisco

Today my sister had to work, so I kept myself entertained by walking all over the city. Like 9.5 miles with hills all over the place. I met my college girl friend LC (now an important lawyer lady) for lunch, and we walked to the ferry building. I am definitely going to have buns of steel after this vacation. The only bad part is how much I'm missing Ethan. It sounds cheesy, but I just don't sleep well without him nearby.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fort Worth

Today we went over to Cow Town. We ate at the Ft Worth Spiral Diner, wandered around the Kimbell, and went to the botanic gardens. Then we met up with a friend and went to this fun bar inside the old railway station, and walked around downtown a bit before heading home. It's cool to have another city close by that has a totally different feeling than Dallas, where we can periodically escape. It was a lovely day out.

Monday, April 23, 2012


By now if you read this blog you will know I am in love with the Dallas arboretum. I am taking this week off work for my birthday, and today I took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather by walking to the arboretum

They are in the process of installing a Chihuly art glass exhibit within the gardens, and it is beautiful. I wandered around for about 40 minutes before parking myself on a grassy knoll and reading Jane Austen for a few hours. It was a wonderfully relaxing day.

I took photos with my camera, but the cord is MIA, so the phone pics must suffice for now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I am working on

A patchwork quilt, my first ever. These things are not as easy as they seem- even when you choose a pattern that seems like it will hide mistakes well. I've been getting philosophical while making it; as in, why do humans feel the need to cut large pieces of fabric into smaller pieces of fabric only to sew them back together in a different order to make a larger piece of fabric?

On a different note, I just realized I've had jam on my face for the last five or six hours. So that's what's going on with me today.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hippie Stuff

Sometimes, I feel like I'm turning into a total hippie. Especially when I wear my ridiculously long hair down (My hair-stylist is in Austin, and booked a month out. My last haircut was in October.) Here's some of the crazy-ass hippie shit that's been going on in the Losefast house.

I bought some bee pollen (made by local bees, of course) at the farmer's market in hopes that it would help my allergies. How does it work? so far, not that great, but I think I haven't been consistent enough with eating it. For now, I'm not giving up on the rest of my allergy regimen which includes claritin, eating lots of hot peppery food (to clear my sinuses), and when things get really bad, a neti-pot. I'll update if it turns out local bee pollen is a lifesaver. I do think there's some scientific basis for it working, by a mechanism parallel to that of the oral polio vaccine.

Hippie gardening lesson: if you cut a sprig of rosemary off of a live plant, and place it in some water in a sunny spot, it will grow rootlets, and then roots. I used a pinch of sugar in the water to accelerate the process. I'm going to be planting this bad-boy outside as soon as I've cut through the jungle of weeds in our backyard.

of course, I'm not really a hippie. I don't smoke, I shower daily, and wear deodorant that's not made of a crystal. I also hate outdoor music festivals.

Thursday, April 12, 2012