Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hippie Stuff

Sometimes, I feel like I'm turning into a total hippie. Especially when I wear my ridiculously long hair down (My hair-stylist is in Austin, and booked a month out. My last haircut was in October.) Here's some of the crazy-ass hippie shit that's been going on in the Losefast house.

I bought some bee pollen (made by local bees, of course) at the farmer's market in hopes that it would help my allergies. How does it work? so far, not that great, but I think I haven't been consistent enough with eating it. For now, I'm not giving up on the rest of my allergy regimen which includes claritin, eating lots of hot peppery food (to clear my sinuses), and when things get really bad, a neti-pot. I'll update if it turns out local bee pollen is a lifesaver. I do think there's some scientific basis for it working, by a mechanism parallel to that of the oral polio vaccine.

Hippie gardening lesson: if you cut a sprig of rosemary off of a live plant, and place it in some water in a sunny spot, it will grow rootlets, and then roots. I used a pinch of sugar in the water to accelerate the process. I'm going to be planting this bad-boy outside as soon as I've cut through the jungle of weeds in our backyard.

of course, I'm not really a hippie. I don't smoke, I shower daily, and wear deodorant that's not made of a crystal. I also hate outdoor music festivals.

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