Sunday, January 30, 2011

fabric stalking success

It may sound weird to some people, but I have habit of stalking yarns and fabrics online without actually having a specific use in mind for them. Recently (as in the past year or two) I've loved Ikats. I know they're really trendy and they're probably going to be uncool in a few minutes, but I still think they're fun. they are soft and graphic at the same time. I also love the varying color combinations that have come out. I am pretty picky about what colors types of fabrics I will put in my house; I don't really do any traditional toiles, checks, or florals, because every room in our house is used equally by both myself and Ethan, and I think that rooms used by both of us should be balanced masculine vs. feminine.

Anyways, lately I've been stalking the Robert Allen Khanjali fabric in

and Glacier:

The other day I went with my Mom to Jo-Ann's to go look for fabrics for her to re-cover a chair in her bedroom. and guess what I saw peeking out from the red-tag sale remnants area? six yards of the peacock colorway for $6 per yard. This stuff is usually $16-$20 if you look for it online! so I bought it all. I think I'm going to use some to change out some pillows on our sofa... and save the other five yards until I think of some good way to use them. I may have to go thrifting to find something that needs to be re-covered. because what we really need is more furniture in the garage waiting for a re-finish.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Here's another project I did (and forgot to take before pictures of... I left my nice camera in Austin for a few months and only recently got it back, and my little camera was stuck in a going-out purse in the back of my closet)

for the past few months I've been on a mission to find two non-heinous matching lamps for our bedroom whenever I go to thrift stores. I almost picked up some similar-but-not-matching brass ones from Garland Thrift, but I decided they were a little too pricey (I think $25 each). I ended up scoring at Salvation army. Before I got my mitts on them, the lamps were shiny and black, with little tiny red lamp shades that made them look like they belonged in a bordello. or maybe that's just my own prejudice talking... I hate red lamp shades and red sheer curtains. The light shining through red fabric just makes me feel icky.

Anyways, I took the ugly red shades off, taped up the cords and electrical parts, and spray-painted my lamps with Rustoleum Safety Blue. I have loved this color for a while and just needed something to paint!

Our bedroom before was completely in shades of white (for me) and gray (for E), and it looked a little sad.

the blue lamps give some much-needed color and make the room look happier. Let's see my side (vanity)

so much better. The linen shades are from Target and I don't remember how much they were, but I know they were cheap... because I am cheap.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

little pretty things

A couple of things that are making me happy right now

My jars of vintage buttons- each jar was $7 at an antique store in Cleburne. the local yarn store charges about a dollar for a SINGLE vintage shell button. So $7 for a whole jar was an awesome deal.

Part of my jewelry collection; I keep all my cuffs and bracelets in a bowl next to my jewelry box. The pin is one that was my grandmother's.
I know the idea of displaying jewelry is not a new one, but seeing this colorful little pile makes me happy.

not mind-blowing things, just small parts of my house that give me joy. and no, I have no idea what to do with all the buttons. I probably need to figure out how to make a button hole on the sewing machine I have permanently borrowed from my sister. if anyone has any hints, they are welcome.

things I make

here are a few peeks of things that I've been doing with yarn:

1. Crocheted Tea Cozy! I didn't use a pattern besides knowing how to do basic increases and decreases, and tried it on my tea pot as I was making it. It is crocheted with Stitch N Bitch wool, which I like because it is affordable, has non-fugly colors (lots of them) and it has nice stitch definition. Seeing this makes me happy and it keeps my tea hot when I'm using my thrifted china teacups.

2. squares in squares in squares blanket. I first bought the yarn for this when we were in Austin last September from a pretty little store called Hill Country Weavers. It was the first fancy yarn that I have ever bought (Blue Sky Alpacas worsted weight organic dyed cotton) and this blanket is turning out gorgeous. I used a ton of colors in this (I think they were: dandelion, wasabi, pickle, azul, aloe, sky, mediterrenean, periwinkle, thistle, poppy, flamingo, and shrimp. The background color is Honeydew)

I am waiting for some more of the honeydew to come in so I can finish the blanket. It will end up being 8 squares by nine, plus a border. It's hard to get an honest picture of what the colors look like, since they look so different in different lights. If I had to do this blanket over again (which I won't any time soon, since we have to buy food as well as luxury yarn) I would have chosen a different color instead of sky blue, and then used a really pretty icy gray as the background color. unfortunately the icy gray was too close in color, so I couldn't use it. I like the honeydew, but I think I would have liked gray better. c'est la vie. I'm going to use the leftover cotton to knit either a striped scarf or a striped cushion cover.

And this is where things get made. I am trying to block out the area below the desk because it's pretty disorganized (multiple tote bags full of yarn and fabric and oil painting supplies I inherited from my Grandma when she passed but I don't know how to use yet). Please note the awesome yarn winder that my in-laws got me for christmas (along with an umbrella swift). I've even been winding my cheaper balls of yarn using it, so that they look a little more swank.

The column prints are from somewhere in Italy but I don't remember exactly where I got them. The frames are from Sweden (Ikea).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


(dancing at Central Market when we were in Austin)

yeah I know I haven't posted in a long, long time. Things are busy, and my life is so repetitive that if anyone read what I have been doing and my thoughts have been for the last 5 months they'd probably need a prescription for some Prozac. I have been working a lot. except for the month of November (when I was doing a PM&R rotation which was beautiful), I've been on call every third or fourth night. that means every third or fourth day I stay overnight, come home, and then sleep till the late afternoon when I'm post-call. I've made it to church approximately 3 times since my job started, because I work most Sundays, and the ones I don't work often come after 12-15 days straight of working. So I sleep in and figure God's not mad about it. Here sre some of the projects that I have been working on during my short and sweet days off.

1. TV cabinet. I bought this at a small-town antique store in Whitney, Texas. it was originally a drab oak color (in an unfortunate 60's-70's way) and the hardware that is now brass was so dirty that it matched the rest of the piece. I sanded it, primed it, and spray painted it with Rustoleum's Safety Red. Then I covered it with poly to make it durable and shiny. I tried Brass-o on the hardware and nothing happened, so I broke out the big guns and used some Bar Keeper's Friend. That will dissolve ANYTHING, including my own skin. I stole this idea directly from Little Green Notebook. And yes, I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras, because I am on vacation and therefore entitled to watch trash.

2. I got this bench at the thrift store near my house. it was originally a kind of awful gold velvet, and I really liked the legs. I re-covered it in black and white stripes, because I am a little obsessed with them. I didn't have a staple gun, so it's on there with plain old paper staples. we'll see how long it lasts. probably not long.

3. This is a sneak peek of a birthday present that I'm making for my sister. It's also a Christmas present because I took a while to get it going. It's a basic zig-zag crochet blanket, using Bamboo-Ewe wool.

Let's have another look at it, shall we?

ziggity-zag! I hope she likes it.

4. This is something I really want to try using one of the suzanis that I brought back from turkey (the black one). I know that the whole ethnic-fabric-on-a-classic-shape thing is very trendy, but I honestly don't think I would ever get tired of this, or outgrow the trend. I think it would be really special to be able to remember drinking tea and haggling with the owner of the carpet shop for my suzani every time I saw a chair upholstered with the fabric.

My incredibly late new year's resolution is to do more posts. one of my favorite things is to read other people's blogs and see their ideas (who needs magazines anymore? there are five thousand bloggers out there full of wit and wisdom free for the taking!)