Friday, January 28, 2011


Here's another project I did (and forgot to take before pictures of... I left my nice camera in Austin for a few months and only recently got it back, and my little camera was stuck in a going-out purse in the back of my closet)

for the past few months I've been on a mission to find two non-heinous matching lamps for our bedroom whenever I go to thrift stores. I almost picked up some similar-but-not-matching brass ones from Garland Thrift, but I decided they were a little too pricey (I think $25 each). I ended up scoring at Salvation army. Before I got my mitts on them, the lamps were shiny and black, with little tiny red lamp shades that made them look like they belonged in a bordello. or maybe that's just my own prejudice talking... I hate red lamp shades and red sheer curtains. The light shining through red fabric just makes me feel icky.

Anyways, I took the ugly red shades off, taped up the cords and electrical parts, and spray-painted my lamps with Rustoleum Safety Blue. I have loved this color for a while and just needed something to paint!

Our bedroom before was completely in shades of white (for me) and gray (for E), and it looked a little sad.

the blue lamps give some much-needed color and make the room look happier. Let's see my side (vanity)

so much better. The linen shades are from Target and I don't remember how much they were, but I know they were cheap... because I am cheap.

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