Sunday, January 30, 2011

fabric stalking success

It may sound weird to some people, but I have habit of stalking yarns and fabrics online without actually having a specific use in mind for them. Recently (as in the past year or two) I've loved Ikats. I know they're really trendy and they're probably going to be uncool in a few minutes, but I still think they're fun. they are soft and graphic at the same time. I also love the varying color combinations that have come out. I am pretty picky about what colors types of fabrics I will put in my house; I don't really do any traditional toiles, checks, or florals, because every room in our house is used equally by both myself and Ethan, and I think that rooms used by both of us should be balanced masculine vs. feminine.

Anyways, lately I've been stalking the Robert Allen Khanjali fabric in

and Glacier:

The other day I went with my Mom to Jo-Ann's to go look for fabrics for her to re-cover a chair in her bedroom. and guess what I saw peeking out from the red-tag sale remnants area? six yards of the peacock colorway for $6 per yard. This stuff is usually $16-$20 if you look for it online! so I bought it all. I think I'm going to use some to change out some pillows on our sofa... and save the other five yards until I think of some good way to use them. I may have to go thrifting to find something that needs to be re-covered. because what we really need is more furniture in the garage waiting for a re-finish.

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