Wednesday, January 26, 2011

things I make

here are a few peeks of things that I've been doing with yarn:

1. Crocheted Tea Cozy! I didn't use a pattern besides knowing how to do basic increases and decreases, and tried it on my tea pot as I was making it. It is crocheted with Stitch N Bitch wool, which I like because it is affordable, has non-fugly colors (lots of them) and it has nice stitch definition. Seeing this makes me happy and it keeps my tea hot when I'm using my thrifted china teacups.

2. squares in squares in squares blanket. I first bought the yarn for this when we were in Austin last September from a pretty little store called Hill Country Weavers. It was the first fancy yarn that I have ever bought (Blue Sky Alpacas worsted weight organic dyed cotton) and this blanket is turning out gorgeous. I used a ton of colors in this (I think they were: dandelion, wasabi, pickle, azul, aloe, sky, mediterrenean, periwinkle, thistle, poppy, flamingo, and shrimp. The background color is Honeydew)

I am waiting for some more of the honeydew to come in so I can finish the blanket. It will end up being 8 squares by nine, plus a border. It's hard to get an honest picture of what the colors look like, since they look so different in different lights. If I had to do this blanket over again (which I won't any time soon, since we have to buy food as well as luxury yarn) I would have chosen a different color instead of sky blue, and then used a really pretty icy gray as the background color. unfortunately the icy gray was too close in color, so I couldn't use it. I like the honeydew, but I think I would have liked gray better. c'est la vie. I'm going to use the leftover cotton to knit either a striped scarf or a striped cushion cover.

And this is where things get made. I am trying to block out the area below the desk because it's pretty disorganized (multiple tote bags full of yarn and fabric and oil painting supplies I inherited from my Grandma when she passed but I don't know how to use yet). Please note the awesome yarn winder that my in-laws got me for christmas (along with an umbrella swift). I've even been winding my cheaper balls of yarn using it, so that they look a little more swank.

The column prints are from somewhere in Italy but I don't remember exactly where I got them. The frames are from Sweden (Ikea).

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renee said...

Love the tea cozy and Hill Country Weavers. My parents live in Austin and I have been known to go for a "visit" just to shop for yarn. (heehee)