Tuesday, January 25, 2011


(dancing at Central Market when we were in Austin)

yeah I know I haven't posted in a long, long time. Things are busy, and my life is so repetitive that if anyone read what I have been doing and my thoughts have been for the last 5 months they'd probably need a prescription for some Prozac. I have been working a lot. except for the month of November (when I was doing a PM&R rotation which was beautiful), I've been on call every third or fourth night. that means every third or fourth day I stay overnight, come home, and then sleep till the late afternoon when I'm post-call. I've made it to church approximately 3 times since my job started, because I work most Sundays, and the ones I don't work often come after 12-15 days straight of working. So I sleep in and figure God's not mad about it. Here sre some of the projects that I have been working on during my short and sweet days off.

1. TV cabinet. I bought this at a small-town antique store in Whitney, Texas. it was originally a drab oak color (in an unfortunate 60's-70's way) and the hardware that is now brass was so dirty that it matched the rest of the piece. I sanded it, primed it, and spray painted it with Rustoleum's Safety Red. Then I covered it with poly to make it durable and shiny. I tried Brass-o on the hardware and nothing happened, so I broke out the big guns and used some Bar Keeper's Friend. That will dissolve ANYTHING, including my own skin. I stole this idea directly from Little Green Notebook. And yes, I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras, because I am on vacation and therefore entitled to watch trash.

2. I got this bench at the thrift store near my house. it was originally a kind of awful gold velvet, and I really liked the legs. I re-covered it in black and white stripes, because I am a little obsessed with them. I didn't have a staple gun, so it's on there with plain old paper staples. we'll see how long it lasts. probably not long.

3. This is a sneak peek of a birthday present that I'm making for my sister. It's also a Christmas present because I took a while to get it going. It's a basic zig-zag crochet blanket, using Bamboo-Ewe wool.

Let's have another look at it, shall we?

ziggity-zag! I hope she likes it.

4. This is something I really want to try using one of the suzanis that I brought back from turkey (the black one). I know that the whole ethnic-fabric-on-a-classic-shape thing is very trendy, but I honestly don't think I would ever get tired of this, or outgrow the trend. I think it would be really special to be able to remember drinking tea and haggling with the owner of the carpet shop for my suzani every time I saw a chair upholstered with the fabric.

My incredibly late new year's resolution is to do more posts. one of my favorite things is to read other people's blogs and see their ideas (who needs magazines anymore? there are five thousand bloggers out there full of wit and wisdom free for the taking!)

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