Sunday, August 29, 2010

Been sick.

Me: I feel like crap
Chief Resident: well you're a doctor, diagnose yourself.
Me: I have some kind of virus and it's making me feel like crap.
Chief Resident: you probably need some chicken soup.
Me: my husband brought me some on call.
Chief Resident: well it's good to know he's helping to keep this residency running.

Seriously though, between my five years of medical training and his eleven, the only answer we came up with was chicken soup. And of course the unspoken day of rest which is not really an option. I also bought myself some superfood today, not because I actually think it will make me better, but because I don't let myself buy seven dollar juice unless I am sick and need a pick me up. Let's just hope tomorrow is a slow call so I can sleep at work.

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Mama Arleigh said...

When I was sick, my nurse-mom would always give me coca-cola over crushed ice which she'd crushed with a mallet (no in-the-door ice crushers back then). Unfortunately, every illness, no matter what, ended with cod liver oil (warmed in a shot glass in the oven) to clean me out!
Hope you're on the mend.