Wednesday, January 26, 2011

little pretty things

A couple of things that are making me happy right now

My jars of vintage buttons- each jar was $7 at an antique store in Cleburne. the local yarn store charges about a dollar for a SINGLE vintage shell button. So $7 for a whole jar was an awesome deal.

Part of my jewelry collection; I keep all my cuffs and bracelets in a bowl next to my jewelry box. The pin is one that was my grandmother's.
I know the idea of displaying jewelry is not a new one, but seeing this colorful little pile makes me happy.

not mind-blowing things, just small parts of my house that give me joy. and no, I have no idea what to do with all the buttons. I probably need to figure out how to make a button hole on the sewing machine I have permanently borrowed from my sister. if anyone has any hints, they are welcome.

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Shannon D. said...

I've wanted to make one of these but never have the time or stuff...