Tuesday, January 13, 2009

totally weird dream

the other night I had a dream that wolves were following me around, and I was afraid that they might bite me. but the wolves were also pants. as soon as I hung up the wolf-pants, they were just furry trousers. likewise if I put the wolf-pants on. But if I let them loose, they became little wolfies that followed me around. What on earth does this mean?
L&D update: people think that labor and childbirth are magical... maybe so if it's actually your baby. But from my perspective it's smelly and takes a long time and everyone gets tired. And there's blood and poop and different kinds of fluids and sometimes the anesthesia doesn't work if you aren't lucky. Not so much magic as hard work. There's a reason why it's called "labor".

B, please don't get scared by this. yours will probably be the magical exception. And it also won't be at Jurassic Parkland.


Shannon De Leon said...

I also think that because of how you are you aren't touched by things the same way.

I cry when I watch babies born on TV, even when the show is like "Detroit ER 911 Baby Emergency" or something. I still think watching a birth would be so special because I love babies so much.

So anyway....glad you're blogging again!

Lauren said...

yeah... but also I don't cry because I see 22 year olds who are having their 4th baby and getting their tubes tied and it's hard to find their lady parts because they're so obese. takes the magic out a little bit.

Lauren said...

and I am also not touched the same way. true.

Mrs.Preppy said...

And mine will be a magical exception because I am going to hopefully get lots of drugs.

Plus, I do not have to experience Jurassic Parkland.