Thursday, January 8, 2009

didn't take long

didn't take long for my resolutions to go down the toilet. Here's a list of what I did today:
5:00 wake up, after around five hours of sleep. I'm late heading out the door and have no more Clif bars so I grab a Reeses cup and a fun sized Kit Kat for breakfast.
7:00 AM start work
11:00 AM start coaching a lady to push out her baby
12:00 PM go to lunch at the cafeteria because I obvi didn't make anything ahead of time. Spend $6.50 on a veggie sandwich and chips. It was delicious.
12:55 back in room with pushing lady. Yank a baby out of her Uterus (gently).
1:30 to OR with new mom and her grade 4 perineal tear to sew it up. Felicidades Mama! (I'm totally getting my babies cut out!)
5:00 Off work
5:30 get home, eat a piece of chocolate cake, drink a beer, take a nap in my scrubs. Likelihood of workout= low.
I think I killed every single resolution I made for this year. Huzzah!


Mrs.Preppy said...

I am trying to convince my doc to cut baby M out... it is not working.

Lauren said...

go into labor friday at noon and don't progress. hold it in. the baby will be cut out for sure.