Sunday, January 18, 2009

another weird dream

Last night I had a dream that I was giving birth, and it was really easy. I remember being shocked that there was so little pain... in my dream, I remember asking if I'd gotten an epidural or something and when I was told no, I hadn't, I started wondering to myself what all the fuss was about with everyone else. In reality it was probably non-painful because A) I have never actually experienced childbirth and B) I don't know if one can feel pain in dreams. come to think of it I'm not sure I ever have. I was also shocked in my dream because I've always assumed that I'll have to have cesareans like my mom and sister did.
And for the record, no worries because I am NOT pregnant. I am extremely certain of this. The dream was spurred by my spending so much time around ladies pushing out babies all day. Felicidades Mama!
Today was amazing and relaxing... E got home last night and we slept in. Then we got up, took our dog Reagan for a walk and then to the white rock dog park (we let him go swimming today!) and went up to Plano to have brunch with his parents. Then E did some work on my car because he's all manly and he can do man stuff. I helped a little. We took Reg back to the expensive dog house (E's old apartment... mine doesn't allow pets sadly), went to Central Market, and made dinner together. It sounds a little boring in writing but it was somehow just a perfectly perfect and relaxed day. I kind of wish all my days could be so boring. Back to work tomorrow. It's gonna be a whole different kind of boring.

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