Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolutions 2009

Last year's resolutions, and their outcomes:

treat med school like an 8-6 job and go to class: I did this with great results for the second half of my second year. This academic year, I've had very strange mandatory hours so it's less possible. But I'm still trying to get a good amount of studying done while at work in between tasks rather than late at night.
read more real news and less celebrity gossip news: I'm doing okay on this. Recently I've been spending less time on the internet in general, and when I am on it's more likely to be reading blogs than celeb gossip. Equally empty, but more down to earth? I also make an effort to try and read drudge report but I'm pretty sure that his representation of the news is also biased
become a ridiculously awesome triathlete: ha ha ha! I did one more painful triathlon because my mom made me and have since realized that it's her dream, not really mine.
stop wearing athletic clothes to look like I am about to go work out but really I was too lazy to put together a normal outfit: I'm wearing scrubs right now. Does that count as real clothes?
stop allowing starbucks to suck away half of my food budget: success. This went along with changing my study hours (no late night coffee and "study" sessions anymore=me cutting back significantly on starbucks expenditures!)
read the entire Bible in a year: ambitious goal, not accomplished. I think I made it through March then got hopelessly behind.

This year's resolutions:
1) do cardio at minimum three times per week, and weights two to three times. This is to prevent me from turning into a pile of sludge.
2) limit eating out to two nights per week, and bring lunches from home during the day.
3) try to become more patient... or at least act more patient.
4) change out of scrubs at the end of the work day.
5) get more sleep, preferably not in nap form.
6) make more lists.

today was first day of OB/Gyn. I'm a little terrified of OB, and even more terrified of childbirth (experiencing it). did you know that more than 3/4 of current female OB/Gyn residents would elect to have a scheduled C-Section for their first pregnancy over a natural delivery? Also, apparently 1/250 new babies in the USA is born in Parkland Hospital, and 1/24 new Texans annually. That's INSANE.

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Mrs.Preppy said...

Pay close attention to this rotation... you never know, you just might need to deliver my baby. ha ha ha