Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just because

I can act cheerful when told to be ready to present my patients tomorrow at 5:40. Does that make me a good med student or a good actress? I'm not sure. Last night I had three margaritas at dinner and still made it to work by 5:15. That's definitely the sign of a good med student.
Today we had a meeting in a room with a big honey-baked ham. And I hadn't eaten lunch and I was starving after a c-section. You know how sometimes in cartoons when someone was hungry then they could look at a chair and it would in their mind turn into a pork chop? well that would probably have already happened because I was that hungry. Except instead of hallucinating, I was listening to a lecture with a big-ass delicious-smelling honey-baked spiral-cut ham in front of my nose. So I did what any reasonable person would...I started snatching pieces of meat off of the ham with my fingers and eating them while the lecturer wasn't looking at me. And it was fantastically satisfying. What's up with my extended blogs about roasted meats recently? Can't tell you. but they sure are tasty.

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