Thursday, January 15, 2009

petty complaint?

people have a habit of treating medical students like poo. the best we usually can do is stay under the radar, do a pretty decent job, and try not to piss anyone off. Our time is not important. example: today I was supposed to be finished by 12:30. For some of my colleagues, it was their day off. but the attending decided at 11:00 that we're all going to meet at 3 pm for unknown reasons (probably having to do with him passing on wondrous knowledge). One of the guys I work with lives in PLANO. He thought he was finished around 8 am, and probably went home. but he will now have to drive BACK to Dallas and then back again to Plano because there was no advance knowledge of this meeting. which sucks. Our resident told us that there were certain days where she doesn't want to see us sitting down... which would be fine, if there were actually enough work to keep four medical students and one PA student busy for 10 hours straight. but there just isn't. So we're supposed to walk around looking serious and industrious and like we're doing work when there IS no work that we can actually do. It's a farce. And it's silly. Why can't we have some reason here? why can't we know about things more than a few hours in advance? or better yet, have the meeting tomorrow when we're all going to likely be sitting for several hours because apparently it's slow season for babies to be born? It just don't make no sense. And don't get me wrong... I work hard. I get stuff done. When there's actual work to do I'm Miss Brass Tacks. but I HATE it when I'm forced into inactivity disguised as busyness inside of a hospital. And I hate it when my day is chopped up into bits. And I need a nap. boo.

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