Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm moving this week! yay! For this school year I've been living in an apartment with two roommates (both first year guys who I found on facebook) in the same complex as Aaron, Amit, and Jeff because I was jealous of their ridiculously cheap rent and it's been nice being able to walk back and forth to one another's apartments or carpool when we're going out.
However, what I didn't know until I had already moved into the complex was that the kind of bare-bones complex across the street was actually the the projects. I knew this street wasn't going to be luxe, because the nearest places of business to my apartment complex are a discount liquor and check-cashing store, a pawn shop, and another discount liquor and grocery store. But this is a little too rough of an area for me--you know how sometimes at night you hear sirens going by and you think "oh, there must be a fire, or someone's hurt!" and then you can't hear the sirens anymore? When I hear sirens at night, I keep on hearing them for 15 minutes. Then sometimes the next morning there's a household worth of goods on the sidewalk outside of the projects. Once when Amit and I were coming back from someplace late at night there were 13 police cars directly across the street from my complex. THIRTEEN!!! What on earth do they need 26 police officers for? I don't even want to know.
So I'm moving to a garage apartment in University Park, which is kind of like the Westlake of Dallas except more so. I found the apartment very fortuitously--someone spammed it to our class on the very day when I was going to start actively looking for a place to live. The move-in date was exactly the day that I wanted to move, and the price was less for more space than I thought I could afford. Later on, after I had already signed my lease and put down the deposit, I found out that the people who own the house go to my church! I don't usually think that God interferes with my day to day drudgery (I don't depend upon Him giving me material wealth, and I don't expect Him to cover my butt when I've screwed up) but I'm thinking that maybe this one time He did put the idea into my head to contact the family and pursue this apartment because it feels very right and getting it was so easy.
Here's what I've packed so far:

I'm packing my stuff up in liquor boxes because they are free and very sturdy. The danger is that my new landlords from church may think I'm an alcoholic. But I'm hoping not... who would buy a case of Harvey's Bristol Cream anyway? or of Irish cream liqueur? The Rogue is really the only thing that I could potentially buy a case of, but even that's unlikely because I don't have enough money to buy fancy ales in bulk.
This week starts the studying for my USMLE. All I know so far is that I love Dr. Goljan and I wish all the subjects had 40 hours of lecture that I could listen to while I'm going about doing my chores.


Mrs.Preppy said...

Hey alcohie -- you forgot your bible last night at bible study. Who owns the house you are inving into?

Shannon De Leon said...

Save your boxes! We will come collect them this month. We have to make a trip to pick up our couch, we're thinking the very last weekend in May, if that's okay w you. I'll email you.

Lauren said...

yeah I was so drunk that I forgot my bible! whoops! I'm living above the Denison's garage. I just finished moving all my stuff!