Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crustacean Sensacean!

that kind of sounds like the name of a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor. It would probably be the worst flavor ever created. Unless they did one of their creative things where they just made chocolate bits in the shape of crustaceans...but if they made, say, vanilla ice cream with a crawfish-flavored swirl and cajun seasoning sprinkles, that would be sick.
we had an all-medschool crawfist boil on Saturday. It was a great way to end the school year and I got to meet some people and catch up with friends from the other years. I accidentally made one friend by hugging a stranger after I had mistaken him for someone in my class. he was very polite and acted as if this were a completely normal thing for me to be doing. I may do this on purpose in the future as a way to meet strangers in awkward social situations--just pretend that I already know them, give them a big hug, and enter into the middle of a conversation. Here's a picture of the banquet table.

This was my first crawfish boil, but I was told that it was ABSOLUTELY necessary to suck the juice out of the crawfish's head. tasty!

Here's a picture of the mudbugs dying. But they gave their lives for a noble cause.

My friend Jeff with a crawfish that may actually be half lobster. look at that thing! Also, please note his handlebar moustache.
It is my dream to have a party themed "Mustachio Bashio" and I will require that every man who attends grow a mustache. If they can't grow one, then they have to have one drawn on at the door with sharpie.
I am now finished with second year. I don't have much planned for the summer, mostly 10+ hour days of studying for my USMLE. Here's hoping I don't get any more insane than I currently am. wheeee!

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Shannon De Leon said...

That hugging a stranger thing reminds me of when I thought it was you in the pool when we lived in Dallas and I hit a stranger over the head with a noodle. Hard.

When I tried to explain that I thought she was my sister, it just didn't come out right and I ended up looking like a bully. All for wanting to give my little sissie a love pat on the skull.

Love you,