Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love Salvation... Army

I went to the Salvation Army on Harry Hines and Inwood the other day to look for a headboard and although I was not successful in my search, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of quality home furniture they have. Examples: sets of wing chairs for less than $200, giant sturdy armoirs for $250 to $3o0, and sofas for under $300. They did have some things that were a bit vegas (matching faux-marbelized bed set- the headboard had two attached night stands and an overhead light!) but they also had a lot of cute kind of granny-ish furniture that would be really pretty if painted. I got a giant 60s beach housey lamp for $8.00:

My sister, Ben and Anna visited this weekend and they brought me a chair that they won't need at their new house. It's upholstered in a way that was very stylish in 1993 and there are a few cat scratches decorating it it, so I decided to rig up a makeshift slipcover using an extra sheet and then threw a scarf on it that I will have to borrow next winter because I usually use it on my neck and not on my furniture:

I'm not sure what to do with the trunk that I have next to it. I need the trunk to store my winter sweaters, and it doesn't fit under my bed. But it screams college like nobody's business. I doubt that I'll ever be ambitious enough to actually paint it or cover it with paper, but I wish that could somehow just happen automatically without any effort on my part.
This is my office closet. I have a very big closet (it even has a window!) that would otherwise have held a vaccum and little else, so I decided to make it into a study nook. I haven't used it yet but I hope to in the future.

Here are some pictures of me and my cutie niece from this weekend. She thinks I'm the funniest person ever. or maybe it's just how I look.

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