Monday, May 19, 2008

let's see if I go crazier

my mom was here last weekend because I moved to my new apartment in UP and she was helping me to figure out where to hang things and what I needed to purchase in order to make my little back house into a back home. She also financed a trip to Costco, which means that I don't have to buy groceries for like two months. Which is good because today was the start of my hardcore buckle-down Step 1 studying. My general plan is to read from 7-4 or so, work out, eat dinner, and then do questions in the evening for a few hours. I'm also listening to Goljan when I drive to/from school because he's the and I have fun imagining the images he's talking about.
I went for a run directly from my residence for the first time in several years. It was amazing, but maybe would have been better if the weather hadn't decided to shoot up to 98 practically overnight. But I still love being able to walk out my door and not worry about getting yelled at by drunk/homeless/otherwise unsavory types. Also, the streets here are actually LEVEL, free of the enormous potholes of my former neighborhood that made driving down the street in a car uncomfortable, and riding down the street on a bike impossible. I may try and go for a bike ride in my neighborhood later this week! today I passed a really pretty park (I think it's called University Park. It's at the intersection of University and Park. In University Park. are we sensing a theme?)
In other adventures, I don't have a microwave. I'm actually having to turn on my stove in order to heat things. I feel like I'm in the seventies.
I take the USMLE on 6/23. After that, a 6-day summer and I start with Pediatrics on 6/30. I hope I get off July 4 weekend.

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