Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend, something amazing happened. I was on home call and my pager did not go off one single time. It was almost a normal weekend, except that I had to stay fairly close to the hospital. Saturday I went to work early, Was back home less than 2 hours after I left, and went back to sleep until 11:00. Then we did some garden planning at a local nursery--we're planting starting this week! We are trying cherry tomatoes this year. And planting a few months earlier than we did last year.

Sunday we spontaneously re-created our first date. First we went to the Dallas Museum of Art (fun and most of it is f-r-e-e.)

then we decided to go to our favorite Salvadorian restaurant, Gloria's for some ceviche and margaritas (allowed to have ONE).

It wasn't until we were halfway through dinner that I realized we were unintentionally going to all the same places as our first date. We are creatures of habit I guess. To make it complete, we went to get coffee after our meal at the same starbucks we went to on the first date. It was really, really sweet. And even better than that first date because there was no pressure to be extra entertaining. I was able to just be my regular level of entertaining.

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