Friday, February 4, 2011


I know it's snowing everywhere in the entire United States right now, but since we only get it about once a year in Dallas (if that), it's still pretty remarkable to me. We've been having horrible weather all week. On Tuesday, I woke up to a world covered in a wintry mix that had frozen solid. The streets in our neighborhood had about 1-2 inches of solid ice covering them. So what did I do? made Ethan drive me to work and pick me up. Wednesday the ice was gone from parts of the road, and other parts were covered with black ice. same yesterday. so today, we have six or so inches of snow on top of patchy black ice. and I'm on call from home for the hospital. But as of now I cannot make it out of my driveway.

Because of the weather, all of our elective cases and most of the clinics have been cancelled. which allowed me to finish THIS:

The yarn store called me up last Friday and told me that my precious honeydew yarn which I had been waiting on for a month and a half was finally there. So I got to work and finished this lovely.
Would you like to see my favorite square?

It's Orchid, Flamingo, and Wasabi. What a disgusting recipe that would be. but a beautiful blanket.

And the edging:

Mediterrenean, Orchid, and Azul.

The yarn was so soft and so beautiful to work with. If you have a yarn store near you, you should go bury your face in a pile of this stuff. My favorite store in Dallas is the Shabby Sheep. The ladies inside are gracious and there's a big table where you can sit and work or lay out nine colors of yarn while debating what the tenth color should be. And they don't seem to look down on people who crochet as second-class citizens (which some knitting stores do... it's kind of like that scene from Pretty Woman, except with older women wearing really fancy hand-knit clothing playing the part of the snooty sales clerks)

One more picture of our house this morning:


renee said...

Gorgeous! That blanket sounds literally yummy. I love your example of the snooty knitters in the yarn store. SO true! I do both, but my true love is crochet. Mostly because it takes me forever to knit anything. I love to show the knitters my crocheted socks. (They're so snooty about the sock thing.) Also totally jealous of your snow! I'm in Houston and all we got was drizzle that froze solid on everything that it touched and turned all the overpasses into skating rinks. Fun.

Karen said...

I love the new look of your blog. So many great ideas and so much creative talent!,P

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Your blanket is beautiful.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous blanket! I'm working on four blankets already (yeah, I know) but I'm all inspired now.

All I want to do is crochet, yikes! :)