Saturday, February 19, 2011


you know how I said that I was going to have Salvation army take some of our old stuff away? well a week ago they came and took our gigantic oak-finish bookshelves.

We then spent the next day reveling in how much BIGGER every room in our house felt. And I realized that I didn't want to make the mistake of over-crowding the rooms with furniture again.

So after a few days looking at the empty space in our living room, we (actually Ethan) realized that the two dressers we bought for the guest room would actually be great in there for storage and to act as a console. Especially because, whenever we have more than 2-3 people over at a time, we break out a 6.5 foot long folding table with a pretty tablecloth and set it in the middle of our living room to eat there (because you gotta be creative in a little-ish house!) Want to see?

I love that the white just recedes like it's not even there, and doesn't make the room feel smaller. Because we have two gallery walls in this room ( one of paintings and one of pictures) I wanted something to go above that wouldn't compete with everything else in there. I got this mirror REALLY cheaply at Home Goods (seriously, it's gigantic and I paid $25.00 for it). For decoration I used our pewter coffee service (that was my Grandmother's) and a thrifted wooden tray with our decanter and some crystal on it.

I am loving the amount of storage this thing has. It holds all our guest room linens and pillows, my fabric stash, all our CDs, our inside-the-house tools, and we still have empty drawers.

We chose two 4 drawer chests rather than one 6-drawer chest for a few reasons: one is that it's more versatile to have two smaller pieces, and the other was that since E and I are both tall, we tend to get furniture on the taller side, because it's just much more comfortable. We dream of one day having an entire kitchen constructed to be at bar height.

Here's a sneak peek at what's going on in the office/ guest room:

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