Monday, February 14, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Lately, I have been on a mission to purge my house of all things beige. And most things brown (wood and leather are excepted, because natural wood and saddle-colored leather make me weak in the knees). Don't get me wrong, I think in some situations having a lot of tonal neutrals can be very calming. I was just getting bored.
I would like a present wrapped up in this paper (from papermojo):

the actual gift would hardly matter because I'd be so enthralled by the presentation.

I've been injecting more brights into our house, toned down with white and gray. One of the colors that I love right now is orange with a lot of red. or vice-versa.

I painted a vintage bar cabinet in Rustoleum's Safety Red (and removed the bar fittings from inside) to make our TV chest.

We organized all our DVDs into boxes labeled by genre. Our genres include: comedy- appropriate, comedy- inappropriate, James Bond, Epic Trilogies, Musicals, superhero, Action, comedy-regular, and Ethan (for movies that he likes but I find too dark, like the Departed or Heat or Traffic). I can always find exactly what movie I want. Ethan has to ask me which box it's in. go figure.

We are using the same type of boxes in the office; orange for Ethan's stuff (like leather samples and car magazines) and white for my stuff (like yarn, and more yarn).

Since our office has gone from beige to bright, I'm looking at some new art. I like the graphic nature of these two (both available on

We also got new orange towels from home goods (to go with a black-and-cream striped shower curtain that I sewed up the other day from this fabric:

It looks pretty kicky together!

And since this is a theoretical purchase (which it has to be, because I can only afford chairs with names if they are from the thrift store)

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