Monday, February 14, 2011

14 reasons

1. He waits up for me if I am called into the hospital at night
2. He can call me on my bullshit and I can call him on his.
3. Snuggling
4. He drives me to work and picks me up if I'm on call overnight, so I don't have to worry about falling asleep while driving.
5. He is honest
6. He is a constant optimist
7. He never gets angry if I hit the snooze button four times before 5:00 am.
8. When I demand praise for something I'm working on (which I do multiple times a day) he gives it, sincerely.
9. He is thoughtful in his speech.
10. He carved a valentine for me last year. Out of wood.
11. He understands the way I think without me telling him. Because he thinks in the same exact way.
12. He is childlike (without being childish)
13. He thinks that engineering is easy, but thinks I'm brilliant for being able to accurately remember movie quotes.
14. He thinks he's as lucky as I know that I am.

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