Thursday, February 3, 2011


If I hadn't been a doctor, I would either have been an anthropologist or an interior decorator. Actually, I don't have the guts at this point to start a business of my own that would have potentially tenuous finances rather than an assured salary. As it is, I AM a doctor, so I have to fit in any of my more creative impulses on the side where they will fit.

My mother in law is looking to re-cover some furniture and change up the style in her living room, which hasn't been re-done in quite some time. Her style is simple and traditional. Here are the pictures and ideas that I have come up with

Drawing: the living room is currently wood paneling. not the gross 70's type, it's actually architecturally very beautiful; however, it's a LOT of wood. and I think it makes the room look darker. So in my fantasy living room changeup, I would paint it all either light buttery yellow or a lighter version of wedgewood blue, with white glossy trim. She has a built-in wet bar, which I would actually leave the current wooden color (or possibly put on a little bit of a darker stain).

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She has a pair of camel-back sofas with really pretty lines, which I would get covered in a heavy white denim slipcover (multiple dog household). She also has a pair of wingback chairs, which are currently light pink. Since she's told me she is really tired of the light pink, I would have them re-covered in a tonal light blue pattern. I would use a darker blue and white pattern like this for throw pillows. And I would get an old-looking traditional wool rug from someplace like overstock to center the room. And maybe an upholstered storage bench for some extra seating (they have four boys, all with girlfriends or spouses, two dogs and three grandbabies after all)
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Aren't these walls pretty? the overall style of this room is more modern than she is ( I could never imagine her having gallery-style randomly placed pictures but the wall color is sooo pretty.

Will any of these changes ever happen? I have no idea. She may hate it. But I still had fun making up a potential makeover. I used to do this for my parent's house ALL the time. And I've been known to repeatedly doodle parts of my own house with slightly different furniture when I'm bored. It's like my version of a coloring book! Actually, I think I'd enjoy a real coloring book also. I think I have one stashed away somewhere around here. I am probably the only 26 year old I know who has a huge box of crayons in their office (and no children).

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