Monday, May 31, 2010

Summertime, and the living's easy.

Happy Memorial Day! Things are starting to look like summer around here:
During the summer (at least every summer since I was a teenager that I haven't been stuck indoors all day) my feet get a flip-flop tan that lasts into the fall.

Actually, I've been known to wear flip-flops and a long winter coat at the same time. I wear them until I'm at risk of my toes freezing off, at which point I switch to brightly-colored sneakers. Why not something more dainty? because I have ginormous feet and the shoes I can most easily find are unisex (funnily enough, Ethan and I wear exactly the same size of shoe and pant, so if I'm shopping for him, I can just try things on myself for fit).

We've also been eating a lot of no-cook foods with fresh ingredients. My favorites are fruit salad made with fresh pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries, or a caprese salad.

We made this one with home-grown basil, and cheese from the Mozzarella Company . If you live in Dallas, you should try it sometime. They're located in Deep Ellum on Elm Street, just a few doors down from our favorite butcher, Rudolph's.

Finally, when it gets so hot that as soon as I go outside I start sweating, I make the switch from hot to iced coffee. To make it at home, we just use extra strong brewed coffee, mix it with sugar while it's hot, then pour it over ice and add milk.

We like to drink this in a shady spot in our yard in the morning and watch Reagan chase squirrels and birds. There's a Blue Jay in our yard who loves to torment him.

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