Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's still alive!

In the week and a half (or so) since Ethan and I planted our veggie garden, nothing (miraculously) has died! In fact, we are seeing small but definite growth of things. Holy moly, we got something right!

We are getting our first tomato from our tomato plants (Growing on our Better Boy plant):

The baby lettuce seeds that we planted are sprouting like crazy:

My Mammoth Sunflower seeds have put up some sprouts... If I'm lucky, these little guys will get as tall as our garage!

And finally, we're getting our first pepper from our red bell pepper plant.

When we planted the garden we put in four types of tomatoes based on what I had read grows well in our climate: Big Boy, Better Boy, 444, and Golden Boy.

We also planted 6 types of peppers: we have a ton of Jalapeno plants, which we bought back in March and tried to grow in a container, only later to realize that it's not a good idea to try and fit like 8 jalapeno plants into one single pot. We also have red bell peppers, green bell peppers, Hungarian banana peppers, Serrano peppers, and hot green chili peppers.

For herbs, we have some decently-sized sweet basil plants which we were also growing at our old apartment (3 plants to a little tiny pot... just putting them into the ground has made them explode in size!). We also put some seeds into the ground on the off chance that they'll grow this late in the season; dill, sage, cilantro, Thai basil, and Genovese basil. I'm not sure if they'll grow this late, but if not we're only out a few dollars.

If everything keeps growing well, my family and friends better get ready for lots and lots and lots of tomatoes and peppers this summer. I also need to find a recipe for hot pepper jelly and pesto!


Shannon D. said...

thin out your sunflowers (pull some up)so that they're like 6 inches apart or else they will suffocate each other. They need so much sun and if they're too close they can't get it. I know, it feels a little like killing puppies, but it must be done, I've learned :(

Lauren said...

I'm going to thin them when they're like 3 inches tall or so. Thanks! I also accidentally thinned some today when I was weeding