Monday, May 10, 2010

Inside the house

The inside of our new house is starting to come together. We are really enjoying the space so far.
Living room:

Here we used two bookcases from our old living room, moved in Ethan's old sofa and used the chair that I re-covered in green velvet. We also played musical tables in here; we made our old coffee table into a TV console, made our old side table into a coffee table, and we're using a subwoofer as a side table between the couch and green chair. I still need to make the pillows that will tie in the green with the blue, and I have some curtains made of canvas that I am going to hang behind the sofa.

Guest room/office :

we took the day bed that used to be our main seating in the living area and moved it into our second bedroom to make it into a space for guests and a proper work space (no more printer hidden in the closet and papers strewn across the kitchen table!) Regan has claimed it as his bedroom whenever guests aren't here.


We used pretty much all the same things here as we did in our previous kitchen, but it feels so much more open! and we get to cook on a gas stove, which is a real treat.

Our bedroom:

Before we had a lot of red in the bedroom, but I got tired of having such an intense color. I chose to take off the red duvet cover in favor of the ivory-colored comforter, we put our old loveseat (dyed charcoal gray with Rit) in here for seating, and I converted a small dining table from Ikea into a combo vanity/bed-side table. I also put the black Uzbek Suzani that was formerly hanging on the wall across the foot of the bed for a little color (because although I like all-white linens for other people, I really just can't be satisfied with them for myself!)
I still need to swap out the navy blue lamp shade for white (to match the other side), make some kind of drapes, and hang up some art. I'm also trying to think of a way to make the awkwardly-placed windows look less awkwardly placed.

So that's the inside of our little house! I hope you enjoyed seeing it.


Karen said...

Love it!

Shannon D. said...

Mom never comments on my blog. What?! But I agree, it looks great!

Mama Arleigh said...

Particularly love your dining table:-) Try draping the entire wall behind your bed with a soft filmy fabric from floor to ceiling. Love your home sweet home.