Thursday, May 6, 2010

Losefast Market

Have you ever heard of High Street Market? basically it's an etsy seller/ blog writer who has been getting a fair amount of press lately for her amazing one of a kind vintage home decor items. I hadn't heard of the blog until recently, but today I visited her etsy store for the first time. And I discovered that several of my random thrift store finds are similar (and in some cases, identical!) to the things that she sells!! True, in some cases my thrift store find is in slightly less perfect condition (a ding here or there) and in pretty much every case I have had to put in some good time polishing, which is not the case with the products she sells, which are all sparkly and well taken-care-of. but seriously! check it out:
vintage faux-bamboo brass tray
High street market, $68:

Losefast Market (via Salvation Army, $4):

Vintage Mexican ceramic owl

High Street Market, $32

Losefast Market (via Salvation Army, $2)

Footed Paul Revere reproduction bowl

High street Market, Pewter, $36

Losefast Market, Silver Plate (also via Salvation Army... there was one on my way home from work last year, $6)

Today I stopped by Garland Road Thrift (where I found the 1928 silver-plated Reed and Barton serving tray a few weeks ago) and scored this:

It's a vintage (manufactured in West Germany!) Steiger leaded crystal desk clock, working, in perfect condition, for $5. I looked it up when I got home and it's selling on Ebay for $30. Maybe I could open a real Losefast market! If I keep bringing home more thrift store treasures, I may have to. I think I'm getting addicted to the thrill of finding the one awesome thing in the middle of a bunch of junk.
Today I saw several really nice old brass lamps for $10 or so, a solid wood octagonal coffee table with internal storage and all the hardware (although in need of refinishing on top) for $19, several cut glass punch sets (and other cut glass items), lots of nice old frames in need of new pictures, lots of sturdy old baskets, and many silver-tone/silver-plated (very tarnished, usually) trays. On the flip side, I saw a crock pot shaped like a basketball, a curling iron with hair still in it, a second-hand bedside commode, a gun rack, and a ton of other cheap-o yucky junk. But if you have the patience to wade through the junk, it's possible to find some treasures. Just make sure you wash your hands (and anything you buy) as soon as you're home

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