Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations Erin!

My sister Erin graduated from Plan 2 Honors at UT Austin this weekend, and of course we went down to see her. Friday, we had a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite (totally non-trendy) Austin nice-restaurants, Bistro 88. It's in a strip mall in Westlake next to a dentist's office, and it's completely awesome. Their jalapeno-carrot soup is especially remarkable. We were so proud to see her graduate on Saturday, although I do have one piece of advice for the people who choose the speakers: don't choose a statistician unless you want people to pull out their iphones and ignore his speech. just saying. Also, if members of the audience begin to use the igun application to mock-shoot either themselves or the speaker, it's probably time to cut it short.

While we were in Austin I finally took Ethan to visit Mt. Bonnell, a small park with a beautiful view over Lake Austin.

We vowed that next time we're in Austin with nice weather, we're going to take a picnic up to the top. Of course I've been planning to do that for about five years and it hasn't happened yet. But here's a picture of the two of us looking surprisingly non-sweaty considering how we felt. I think it was 92 degrees out there.

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