Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ahem...That's DOCTOR Losefast.

Yes after four long years of medical school, I finally finished! It still hasn't sunk in that they actually gave me a diploma (and that there is no more red tape for me to struggle through on my journey towards earning it!)

The whole weekend was a lot of fun... I was thoroughly spoiled by my family and friends and had a great time.

Since the graduation was downtown (and I had to be there at 6:45) we decided to have ceviche and tapas (and cocktails) at Stephan Pyles. We had been itching to try their ceviche but we'd never had a big enough occasion to justify the splurge. It was good, creative, and very gourmet, but to be honest I really like the old-fashioned classic ceviche with plenty of peppers and spice. I also probably could have eaten about four times as much as they served us (I'm an oinker I know). It really made me excited to make ceviche again, maybe with some home-grown jalapenos.

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Karen said...

Did I happen to mention just how proud I am of you?? Besides being a brilliant young doctor, you are beautiful! Thank you for letting us share the big event with you. Congratuations Dr. Lauren!!!