Wednesday, June 9, 2010

gardening again

Here's my garden update! I am pretty certain that I like these more than anyone else. I am just so amazed when I look at how much things have grown in such a short period of time!

My Mammoth sunflower plants are now up past my knees. I also planted some purple heirloom string beans next to them that are starting to vine up the fence (and I only put them in the ground like two weeks ago!)

My squash plants are growing slowly but steadily. After having to thin them excessively (I pulled up more than half), I realized that when I prepare the soil and enrich it and protect my little seedlings from predators, then I don't actually have to plant the entire package of seeds. I know, it should be common sense, but I have NEVER done this before in my life. I'm planning on training them to vine up the fence too, to keep the fruits away from little bugs and pests.

My tomato plants keep getting bigger and bigger, and making some flowers, but then the flowers are falling off. I think it's getting too hot for them. I'm sure I'll have a bumper crop in the fall when it's not 100 degrees out anymore.

My peppers don't seem to mind the heat; they're producing well. I can't wait till the jalapenos get big enough to harvest and pickle.

Last but not least, I have started a little science experiment: We had some sweet potatoes that were in the pantry so long that they started to grow a vine... like with leaves on it and everything. I decided to put two of them in the ground, and one is living on our back porch. I'm going to compare how they do in their different habitats!

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