Sunday, July 20, 2008

smoky hair?

Ever find yourself in the situation where you get back at 1 AM from a karaoke dive bar that specializes in attracting both surprisingly amazing singers and chain-smokers? And you know you have to be at work taking care of children at 6:30 the next morning? what a coincidence, me too. To get smoke out of your hair, spray liberally with Febreze and blow-dry. It works better than actually washing your hair. And volumizes! Seriously, whoever invented Febreze deserves a Nobel prize. I don't even care if it's a science category, they should get the peace prize. Way more deserving than that fruit loop Al Gore. And for those keeping track, yes I am a semi-closeted karaoke junkie. It brightens my day... and hopefully yours.

Oh, and the makers of the tide stain removal pen should also get a prize.

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