Thursday, July 10, 2008

more good quotes from dorksville

the engineering school at Duke once had T-shirts made that said "too school for cool". I think I need to get that permanently tattooed on some part of my body... except I don't really like tattoos very often. I think If you're going to get one, it should be something giant and awesome. Example: one of my friends has a giant dragon tattooed on his torso. Someone else I know has a giant lightning bolt across his chest. My main point is that if you're going to permanently ink your body, it should be something that says "Hell yeah I have a tattoo!" and not some little wimpy crap thing that you got in Padre when you were young drunk and stupid. I can't think of anything that I like enough for me to want it on my body in a hell-yes way, so I just leave the ink to the truly dedicated.
that was a tangent. My main reason to post today was to share some delightful quotes from my ongoing education.

From morning rounds:
Med student-"The patient (a 14 year old girl) would not permit me to feel her chest at all... like for examining."

From a lecture this afternoon on bowel disease:
Senior Resident-"The first thing you do when you see a patient with this condition is sit down and thank your lucky stars that it's not you."
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

I get a weekend this weekend and I'm super excited about it. hooray!

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