Monday, July 28, 2008

my mom doesn't need any help grilling me about my dating life, thanks. I'll let you know if she ever does.

So, today was my first day of outpatient pediatrics. I went to a private practice office in Richardson Texas. It was boring. Every kid either had Strep throat, a virus that mimicked the symptoms of strep throat, or they were perfectly healthy, or they had been swimming in Garland, Richardson, or some other suburb north of Dallas in a public pool and now had diarrhea caused by cryptosporidium (a parasite). The most exciting thing I saw was a diaper rash with a superimposed fungal infection.

Between patients, the physician I was following asked me if I had a boyfriend, then why didn't I have a boyfriend, then advised me that I should try and get a serious boyfriend or better yet a fiancee before I graduate, because once in residency I will be even busier and men will be more intimidated by me once I'm a practicing surgeon. She went on to tell me that if I waited until my 30s to have kids then I will only have time for two and I'll have to have them really close together. And that I should try and marry a Doctor so that they will understand how hard my job is, or at least a male nurse (for the record, I'd kind of prefer to have a stay at home dad. As Aretha and Annie so aptly put it, "sisters are doin' it for themselves".)

How am I supposed to respond to such a barrage? here are the thoughts I was having as this advice vomit flew through the air at my head:
1) I came to medical school to get an MD, not an MRS.
2) If a man is intimidated by my education, it's probably because he's insecure about his own
3) What the hell decade are we in, anyways?
4) If all else fails, I'll buy a trophy husband from Eastern Europe and keep him here by having power over his greencard.
5) if plan outlined in #4 doesn't work, I can always become a dried out old workaholic spinster, which sounds pretty bad but remains a solid option. Plus I can buy foreign babies like Angelina Jolie.

I'm not like an uber feminist man hater or anything. I just think that some people in Texas can be a bit behind the times when confronted with single women over the age of 23.

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