Sunday, December 23, 2007

merry Advent!

since it isn't technically Christmas season yet, merry advent season! I love this time of year very very much. You get to relax, spend time with (and spoil) your friends and loved ones, and bake ridiculous amounts of cookies all in honor of Jesus. Our family also makes a birthday cake for Jesus (we don't put candles on it for obvious reasons) this year I'm voting for funfetti. Here is our lovely tree:
Today my niece Anna Lee was dedicated into the Baptist church (Baptists do infant dedication and later baptism rather than infant baptism and later confirmation). It was a pretty service and I was in charge of the videography, which is as a result very artistic.
After church we went for Tex-Mex at Serranos and then Shannon and I made cookies:
seek and find: Chinese cookie, investment banker during a strong market, investment banker during a weak market, Wilma Flintstone, surfer couple, alien cookie, and the unfortunate cookie who realized he was accidentally walking around NAKED. Also notice that although the cookies aren't gingerbread, we made them the correct color to simulate gingerbread cookies. Essentially we turned the gingerbread man into an icon of the season, and reworked it as a different type of cookie. It's very post-modern.
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