Saturday, December 1, 2007

jingle my bells

I have been getting completely burned out. I began to forget why I decided to go to med school in the first place. I hadn't seen a patient in a few weeks... I hadn't seen much of anything except the inside of a book. So I decided to email some people and get back in the OR. Wednesday I observed an ORIF of a pilon fracture. While in the OR I got the cold sweats and sat down just before I lost consciousness for a few milliseconds. I think it was a combination of not moving, being dehydrated, not eating a big enough breakfast, and being really damn hot. On Friday I saw an ORIF of a distal fibula and a lateral malleolus, as well as a couple of fixations of humerus fractures. On the second case, they let me sew, which was AWESOME. those eight stitches are probably going to save the patient's life.

Last night was the first annual "Jingle my Bells" holiday party at Ashley and Laurie's house. There were peppermint patty shots. We went dancing afterward at Obar and I got hit on by a guy who looked like he got into a fight with a bedazzler. Men should stay away from rhinestones. Unfortunately, my late-night festivities caused me to oversleep my clowning duties at the Neiman Marcus parade (6 AM for makeup!) but as it's fifty five and raining it probably wouldn't have been very healthy for me anyways.

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