Saturday, December 8, 2007

if I want a coach... well, that probably won't ever happen again.

Today while I was riding my bike on White Rock trail, I passed an older guy. He was affronted by my hot pink jersey and quickly upped his effort to pass me, then eased off and slowed down again. I considered stopping to "tie my shoe" just so I wouldn't have to deal with the whole going almost the same speed but not together phenomenon. But instead I sucked it up and just put power on for a few minutes to try and get enough in front that ...but he eventually caught up and started yelling at me to work harder. Some random man cyclist on the bike trail told me to "shift the gear up and crank it!" WHO DOES THAT? did I ask for coaching? NO! I haven't desired a coach since the last one I had gave me arthritis in my spine and two herniated discs at the age of 19.
Later on I went to half-price books because I am an addict and books are my smack:
afterwards, I taught myself how to play "The Sign" by Ace of Base on guitar. I'm planning to represent Sweden in the med school multicultural show (and I was looking for something else to do besides study for pulmonology).

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