Monday, December 3, 2007

the joys of self-diagnosis

I already know that med school has made my a hypochondriac... I've already diagnosed myself with pernicious anemia, Reynaud's phenomenon, and for a few hours I thought I might have meningitis (to explain, I had just visited a friend in the hospital who DOES have meningitis, so it was slightly less weird for me to worry about that possibility).
Today they let us swab our own throats and gram stain them to look for "normal flora". Only, instead of normal, I got this:
Or something kind of similar. I probably have a staph infection. I got red blood cells, too! unfortunately, they don't award bonus points for these things. But I did decide that a possible staph infection was a sufficient excuse to skip the gym today. horray!
I got emails from the norcam ladies today and it made me feel sunshiney and fuzzy inside. We WILL have a reunion. I'll have T-shirts made and everything.

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