Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Sauce

I love hot sauce like the Duggars love having kids. we currently have 14 different kinds hanging out around our house, each with their own subtleties

1. Dave's Insanity: good to add heat with pretty much no other flavors. unless you have the intestines of an iron chef, you have to stick to just a couple of drops of this. We like 1-2 drops in 1/4 cup ketchup with sweet potato fries.
2. Dave's Insanity with ghost peppers: kind of extraneous. Ethan saw "ghost pepper" and he wanted to try this because he's seen the youtube videos of people trying to eat it.

Ethan wanted to try a real ghost pepper (only $5 per pound at Central Market in Austin!) but I reasoned with him that the $5 per pound does not include our $100 copay for ER visits when he feels like he's going to die after eating this thing.

Anyways, like the other Dave's, only a drop will do you.
3. Tapatio: probably my favorite Mexican hot sauce. thick with some garlic flavor, but still with great spice.
4. Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce: for buffalo chickpea salad (see what I did there? chickpeas instead of chicken.) has a buttery hint to it but is vegan friendly.
5. Crystal Hot Sauce: one of the two great really vinegary hot sauces from Louisiana: whereas Tabasco will cost $3 for a small bottle, this one's like 60 cents. which is good because we can go through smaller bottle in a couple of meals.
6. Valentina: another good mexican hot sauce, not as spicy as Tapatio, so you can get more of the other flavors (garlic, pepper, etc) with your heat.
7. sriracha: do I really have to explain? Thai chili sauce. good over brown rice with sweet potatoes, kale, and tamari.
8. Louisiana: another (obviously) Louisiana hot sauce, so heavy on the vinegar, but more opaque than either crystal or Tabasco, with some more pepper flavor. less spicy than Tabasaco.
9. Chipotle Tabasco: has a little bit of a smoked flavor, not as spicy as regular Tabasco, adds a richness to all kinds of food. I just found out this comes in gallon jars, so I may start buying it in bulk.
10. Tabasco, classic: Good, tart, spicy. Some dishes just need the classic taste. Too expensive, but I guess the stellar marketing team has to be paid somehow.
11. Chili Garlic Sauce: for Thai food, this one has the actual chilis in it.
12. Trappey's peppers: use the peppers on Chicago-style hot dogs, use the vinegar as a spicy tart sauce. it's two for one.
13. Hooter's Classic: yes, Hooter's. It came in Ethan's hot sauce of the month club. It's almost between a Louisiana and a Mexican style hot sauce, with a little bit of smoky flavor and some garlic. Not pictured because Ethan finished the bottle in 1.5 weeks.
14. Cholula: frankly, I think it's overpriced and not better than most of the other Mexican hot sauces out there. give me Tapatio over Cholula any day.

Also important: Prilosec, the wonder med that allows me to eat all these (mostly) without heartburn.

Any others I should know about? our next hot sauce of the month should be coming in this week!

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