Saturday, June 27, 2009

last night I took a break from studying (because somehow this year I transitioned from a machine that didn't need breaks to a weakling who can't study for more than a few hours without wining about it) to go sing karaoke and drink beer with Ethan and friends at the Maple Point. I really wanted an all-Michael Jackson tribute night, but they only had 4-5 of his songs (lotts of country stuff at the maple point... along with girls who try to do imitations of their favorite female country artists and end up sounding like cats do when you try and give them a bath). I still got in a "Way you make me feel", followed of course by "Holding out for a hero", including dancing. Because dancing is a must when you're singing 80's karaoke.
Let's just say that my tolerance has dropped a little bit since college (erm... and first year of med school) so studying today has been pretty painful. I'll be honest, I'm taking frequent breaks to look up beginners crochet projects online, because I picked up the hobby while recovering from my surgery and I'm still not sure I'm doing it right. I think I may just be doing rogue random stitches that I invented, and my first large project (a small blanket) ended up a trapezoid rather than a rectangle, but it's still fun and it keeps my hands busy. And I just end up stretching out the shorter end so that it looks fairly symmetrical and I'm okay with that.

In other news, our dog almost killed himself last weekend chasing a polaris around Ethan's parent's pool. He swam for two hours chasing it and barking at it but never caught it (it was pretty funny to watch him almost catch it and then the tail would spray him in the face! ha.) When we got home he threw up pool water (on tile thank goodness) and then slept for two days. Crazy pup.

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