Saturday, July 4, 2009


yesterday I took my step 2, and it was no fun. It is supposed to be a 9 hour test but I whittled it down to 6 because I have the ability to read very fast, but I absolutely don't have the ability to sit down and test for nine hours. I really don't have the ability to test for more than five hours, I think, but i had to so I did. Afterwards I went to the bar next door and met Ethan and we drank a pitcher in celebration! I did like this test site (Bedford) better than the Dallas location because of the proximity to two bar-and-grills, both of which are open in the early afternoon, and either of which is acceptable for having a much-needed drink after taking a freaking ridiculously long test that wipes you out and tires your mind. We also had some queso which may actually have been made of plastic, but which was delicious nonetheless. After the low-quality queso we went out for high(ish) quality sushi at Oishii. As always, we ordered way too much. But their mackerel sushi is excellent, as is their eel roll or sushi. The Spicy Tuna roll was also very good. The yellowfin roll I wasn't too crazy about (but we of course ate it all anyways). When we got home it was around 6:00 and I passed out on the couch like an old lady.

We also started marriage counseling last week, which was nice. We had to do an online quiz before our first session, and the pastor thought that we'd done it together because our answers on a lot of things were fairly similar. We didn't take that quiz together, but we DID meet originally through the internet, so really we already had proved our online quiz compatibility once and it's not crazy that we'd be similar again. We did discover that I have a huge amount of stress (I got a B+ on the scale of 1-100!) but I pretty much already knew that I'm a frazzled girl. But I think it's a good thing for us to do, as we're asked questions that we might not otherwise ask one another, and give us tools to make our marriage go more smoothly. We have homework and we have to go back a few more times so we can see our progress over the weeks as we maybe put changes into effect. We're getting married in slightly less than 3 months! Still kind of crazy to think about.

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