Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Done with Family... Medicine.

I am almost freaking done with Family Medicine, which has been both exhausting and slightly boring. Example: today I spend several minutes trying to see the back of a squirming and crying 15-month-old's throat, with little success. Difficult? yes. Particularly interesting? no. The days that I'm busy are usually filled with well-child exams and viral upper respiratory infections. The day's I'm not are somewhat of a relief. Okay, I'll admit it; I love it when patients don't keep their appointments, because it means that I might get to leave early. I suppose that proves that I shouldn't be doing family med (not that it needed proving). It's not the worst rotation I've been on because the hours are good and I have weekends off, but I'm not feeling very inspired right now. Which is probably why I have hardly studied at all, even though my test is in two days (oops).

Tonight for dinner we had roasted garlic and warm chevre crusted with pecans. It was delicious. And also wine, because wine is good for study skills. And I might eat some guacamole in a little bit, because E made some while he was at home today. deelish!


budi said...

Now imagine you have to live with said 15 month old. Then add a 2 week old to the mix. :)

Lauren said...

we're going to wait a few years on that adventure!