Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I want this

there are few times that I see something wedding-related and immediately think "oooh... i want that!"

Today I stumbled across this picture that made me say just that.

I love things arranged in color order (like our book and DVD collections). And I love full-sugar fizzy drinks. I don't play around with artificial sweeteners because they do unpleasant things to my belly. But old-fashioned and organic sodas in glass bottles arranged in color order? hell yes! we'd already planned on having some Mexican Coca-cola (because sugar tastes better than corn syrup no matter what the corn farmers of America say) but I think various colorful sodas would be super pretty and hopefully yummy.

Our other foods? honey-baked ham (because who doesn't like a honey-baked ham!? they're absolutely delicious!) smoked turkey, some salads, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and other random yummies. We're making all the food ourselves (besides honey-baking the ham, of course) We're pretty much doing all of everything ourselves actually, because (unsurprisingly) otherwise we would not be able to pay for a wedding on two student's living allowances. Hopefully it will make it more home-grown and meaningful. Or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself.

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