Sunday, June 7, 2009

top 10ish.

top 10 reasons I love Ethan
1. he thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread
2. he is completely open and honest with me, and doesn't change the subject if I ask hard questions
3. when I get too enthusiastic about telling him what needs to be done or giving him directions in the car, he asks me for even more directions (i.e. "well should I turn into the driveway babe?") instead of getting mad and calling me names
4. He knows exactly when I've had a bad or tiring day and he will magically have made dinner or take me out for a soul-calming pizza and beer... and he'll order my favorite kind of pizza instead of his.
5. We have serious conversations about the cinematography and entertainment value of movies like "X-men; Origins". He also likes the same kind of nerdy movies that I like, so I can watch them without shame.
6. He helps with housework
7. We have random conversations about Southern blotting and western blotting and novel mechanisms of drug creation over 32 oz Shiner beers. Also, he uses TGF-Beta as a verb sometimes.
8. If I ask for his opinion on something, he genuinely takes hours or days to think it over before giving me a well thought-out and logical response.
9. he is extremely loyal and super generous with the people that he loves, which makes me feel even more lucky that I am one of them.
10. He can talk me down when I get upset or irrationally anxious about something.
11. He can entertain himself for an hour or so with a scientific calculator.
12. When I told him I was making this list, he said I was being really cheesy. But since we both appreciate fine cheeses, I took it as a compliment.
13. He likes to play scrabble... and he's really good at it. He's beat me twice, and both times I was an extremely poor loser.
14. I ran over the ten reason limit because there are so many reasons to love him.

Not a huge amount going on this weekend. We saw the new Terminator movie yesterday and were both pretty disappointed. It went something like: "Terminator shoots at or punches human/ human tries to shoot terminator in the head till it dies/ lots of explosions/ CGI naked Schwarzeneggar". There was really no good hand to hand combat, and the chase scenes weren't anything to write home about. I felt like I'd seen most of it already but in different action movies, and this one was just a patchwork of random rejected scenes. A highlight of yesterday was a kick-ass pot roast made by my extremely handsome counterpart. Today we slept in, went to church, went to Taco Cabana, came home and napped for several hours, then went out for TCBY. Peaceful and fun and relaxing and wonderful. Tomorrow I start Pediatric ER, where I have to do 15-17 8 hour shifts in four weeks. Doesn't sound too terrible to me! But I'll also be studying for my Step 2 exam, which I'm taking semi-early because I want to have it over and done with. Enough with the long-ass tests. In the past year, I've taken one 7 hour tests and 7 2 hour tests, and I'm just ready to stop filling bubbles at this point.

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