Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm doing fairly well after surgery. My mom and E fought to see who could take better care of me, fighting to stuff me with goodies and do my laundry. I've been getting up to walk a bit but I'm not supposed to ride in a car yet. Saturday morning my mom, E and I walked down to Drip Coffee on Lovers to meet up with E's parents (the first time that my mom has met his parents). That night they brought over pizza and we had a rousing game of scrabble. I was unable to finish, probably because I was falling behind because the opiates are clouding my vocabulary flexibility. In the past two days I've watched about ten movies, read a couple of stupid books, done a papercutting:

and napped often. I'm beginning to get cabin fever. I think the only solution is to go back to bed again.
I'm trying to get my schedule rearranged so I can do something that will require little to no physical work for the next month. If not, I may have a whole extra month of forced vacation :(

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Mrs.Preppy said...

I am impressed by your paper cutting skills.