Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I went for my MRI this morning to see if I'd re-herniated the discs in my back. AND.... (drumroll)

Yes. I have a big freaking herniation at my L5-S1 level, pooching out almost to the other side of my spinal canal, and rubbing on the nerves as they exit on the left.

I've already had surgery on this level of my back, so it looks like it's just a re-injury of something that had been "fixed" once (I put the word in quotation marks because surgeons like to brag that they're the only doctors that can cure people instead of just treating them. Which is pretty much a load of bullsh*t. nothing is ever made as good as new, and surgery takes recovery and continuing to take care of the injury afterwards).

I just got back from a trip to Tampa with Ethan to visit his grandma and have some fun on the beach. If you're wondering how I had an enjoyable vacation while dealing with the aforementioned injury, the answer is a little secret I call the "vico-profen cocktail". It consists of a Vicodin and four ibuprofens, and it kicks ass. too bad I'm about to run out of the Vicodin I had left over from my first surgery in 2005.

We drove there and back (around 18 hours each way) because we're cheap and we wanted to have our own car and a flexible schedule. We went straight through and it really was not that bad... in fact we're talking about making other road trips with the sweet camry goodness!

We spent a day and a half just playing in the waves. there were storms in northern Florida which made the waves bigger than usual, and thus more fun (and possibly the reason why my back is now KILLING ME... oops).
We also went to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, and saw some awesome art and got a melting clock Christmas tree ornament (our first couple ornament! yay!)
(us on a bench outside the Dali museum)

After the Dali Museum we went to downtown St. Petersburg to eat lunch and walk down the pier holding hands and eating ice cream... because we're all 1950's wholesome like that.

Wildlife: A heron!

At dinner on the beach. We got there at the perfect time so we were able to watch the sunset over the ocean while we ate conch fritters. yum!

It was fun and relaxing and the perfect amount of time for me to not get so fried that I'd look like my skin was made of brown bootleather (the sun was STRONG! I got a tan even though I was dutifully applying and re-applying SPF 50!)
That's it for highlights from the trip because I'm tired and this has gone on far too long. kudos if you're still reading!

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