Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet the new apartment, same as the old apartment

Awesomeness has happened; When my landlords found out that the main reason why E and I were moving out was because of our sweet dog Reagan, they decided that they didn't want to lose us and offered to let us bring him here! This means we don't have to move! I have moved every year for the past seven years... sometimes twice. And I have ridiculous amounts of stuff. Now we don't have to worry about packing and moving while I'm still recovering from surgery (which would really mean E packing and moving everything as I stood by and directed). It also means that when we get married in the fall at the park a mile away, it will still be a mile away, which will make that event easier. And we'll still be able to take the walk up to Aston's bakery and Drip coffee on Saturdays. Such a relief! All we have to do now is doggy-proof, which will be sooo much less effort than moving everything. hooray.


Anna's Mama said...

Ha ha! Ethan got off easy!

Good for you. I'm so glad you'll be staying close to school this final year.

Lauren said...

yeah we both got off easy!